Jiamin Li

From weeks study, I learned a lot about text and language under different movements and art work. While heading to the final visual assignment, I realized there are so many philosophical aspects in supporting many of language in art. But how do we understand words or much essentially, language itself? From scientific perspective, language is what human being created as a tool of symbol. Using words as symbol to label the world. Arranging words into sentence, to express and save the information it represents. But it sound isn’t right is it? Language and words is the home and essential of human being. One famous quote from Martin Heidegger ‘Language is the house of Being. In its home man dwells. Those who think and those who create with words are the guardians of this home’. Therefore, there are many information losing while translating one language to another.
From this project, I would like to introduce 缘. The direct explanation is ‘ a relationship by fate or destiny; the binding force between two people’. However, people in eastern culture think the forefather of people or incident is the discussion of occasionally. However, Yuan suggest occasionally should be understood as consequential incident. In this project, I choose to take photo of meteor with the Yuan of nature. I set the shutter speed in long exposure and let the camera free fall from second floor and capture the light of meteor as the Yuan between me and meteor. The Meteor would flight millions of years that meet with me only for a second. And that’s the Yuan between me and meteor.