Dingding Shi, Does religious belief still exist in today’s society?, 2021, Digital collage, 11 x 8.5″

The concept of my collage is to explore the relationship between religious beliefs in today’s society. 

In the upper part of the collage I used elements such as a god and natural disasters. As I want to express that in the early days of civilization, because of human ignorance, people had to surrender to the forces of nature that could easily kill them out of fear, and believe that all the sufferings experienced by religions are arranged by God, so people don’t have to to do those useless thinking, they just need to obey. In the second half of the collage, I want to express that with the development of society and technology, people’s ability of thinking independently has been greatly improved, but the influence of religious belief in people’s daily life has not disappeared. The group chat function created on the social platform for the same interests and hobbies and those fans who are enthusiastic about star chasing are the embodiment of religion in today’s society. For the entire collage, I used slanted and messy two-colors word’s typography, because I want to reflect that in today’s society, although people have different ideas, they will inevitably meet people that with the same hobbies or beliefs.