Stay With Me

The darkness of the night always makes me feel lonely. Looking at the clock, time is passing by. At that moment, I was inspired to create this work. Sometimes I hope that time can stop and stay at a certain moment. On the other hand, when faced with making choices, I also hope that time will go slower so that I have more time to think. However, time never stops, nor does it go backwards. I will communicate with time, even if it is a silent call, but no matter where I am, it is by my side, reminding me to cherish the present. Don’t regret the choice you have made because it will not go backwards. This is also the purpose of my creation of this work, to remind everyone and myself that time is slowly passing by and we cannot change what has happened, but we can work hard to create the next miracle. At the same time, this work can remind me of that night and how I felt when creating this work. The language I left in the work is to express that although we can’t see or touch time, when time goes by every second, it seems to be talking to us, reminding us to keep looking forward.

Lingxuan Yao, Stay With Me, 2021. Digital. 11 x 8.5”