When reading a book, there’s always an end to it. In this work, I wanted to relate it with the lives of people and my daily life, especially how I feel these days. In the piece, it says ‘the end’ or ‘fin’ in Korean on the last page of a book. As there is an end to a book, there is an end to anyone. For me, I relate more to how I’m on the final’s week of my fall semester, and it’s coming to an end very soon. For these reasons, I thought a book fit perfect for the concept. But even though it’s coming to an end, it’s not really the final end, since another semester will begin in few weeks or a month. That is why the last page is ripped, meaning the end is not here yet. As the new semester starts, a new chapter or a new series of a book will be written again until the end comes again.

Oh Hyeon Kim, The End, 2021. Digital. 8.1 x 5.1”