Maya Ferrandiz, Digital collage, 2021, 8.5″ x 11″

This collage is based on growth and coming out of your youth, I used a lot of my own images trying to depict the messiness but playfulness of childhood. The text I inserted over the images are quotes from a very special childhood book of mine my grandmother’s copy of the Grimm Fairytales from when she was young. My cousin and I (pictured above) both cherish the book because of the gorgeous illustrations, but I thought it would be meaningful to pull quotes that reminded me of growing up and coming of age. The irony of the piece comes in based on the expressions on our faces as babies, I think this could apply to both conceptual arts because it kind of represents a page in a messy scrapbook. I think it also has pop art elements with the grain overlay, bright colors, and random exaggerated words almost giving context to the images.