Over it

Daniella Lun, Over it, 2021, digital, 24in x 24in, SVA

This illustration is meant to be a self portrait during the pandemic when classes were held only online. This was a hard time in my life where I felt like the days were blurred, and even though I was home 24/7 I felt as though I had no real time to take care of myself. The girl in the image is lying in bed since she feels burnt out from trying to please those around her. She stops for a moment to rest her eyes but can’t help crying because she feels trapped. Her phone has many missed calls from those who are trying to reach out for favors and there are assignments that need to be completed. I frequently see the time 9:11 when checking my phone. At first I thought it was a bad sign because 911 is usually an alarming number. When searching if there was a meaning behind the number to ease an fear I had, I learned that although it can look alarming it means that I am ready to move forward.