Hurting, like Iron Wire Stabbing Flowers

Iron wire, tissue paper, emulsoid, and flowers, digital editing, drawing, and writings.

For me, the female body is as natural as a flower, and the bra is anti-natural. So I used flowers and paper tissue to make the body. Also, I think a woman’s body should not be sexualized like a flower will not be sexualized by people. And I used iron wire to make the bra. As a result, there is a contrast between soft and hard, making the audience feel how uncomfortable wearing a bra is for me. After making the sculpture, I photoed it and edited it on photoshop and then added the text of “Hurting,” writing by myself and using a red color. The red color will lead people to think of blood and contrast with the white color with the sculpture I made. I also write a text of “Iron wire” right above “Flower,” which draws the audience’s attention to the feeling of “hurting.”

I understand the idea of ​​wearing a bra, but I hope others can have the freedom not to wear a bra. More importantly, if everyone does not objectify and sexualize women’s breasts, it will be easier for women to live comfortably in this world.