In modern society, our lives are filled with advertisements every day, and the capital says we have to live a refined life, so the overwhelming advertisements come to us, and these advertisements deeply affect our values, outlook on life, and worldview. Of course, they will not straightforwardly let you buy but will use various concepts to package their items. Then the concepts are transmitted to you through various information channels.
The scariest part of overconsumption is that it blocks our generation’s opportunity to achieve financial freedom. People are greedy, and I believe most people are not willing to delay if they can achieve their satisfaction in advance.
I have always felt that for us young people, there is no shortcut to overnight riches, and the only way to establish our correct view of consumption is through the two steps of saving money and saving money when we first come out of society. To distinguish where their money should be spent and where it should not be spent, it should be spent where it can enhance the ego, not where it can satisfy the ego.
So this painting I came to reflect the contemporary young people are brainwashed by consumerism and uncontrolled consumption. And most of them will have anxiety that they can’t keep up with this fast-paced society. Then fall into the consumer trap of capital. Pop art is the art of consumerism, so I want to use pop art to reflect on people’s view of consumption nowadays.

Junyan Lu, Traps, 2021, Digital, 11 x 17 in.