Paradise, digital, 252mmx339mm

This illustration is inspired by my childhood memory pieces. The whole composition is a montage collage with various toys and types. I hand wrote all the types, and some of them are in Chinese, because I grew up in China. The different layers of English words and Chinese characters enrich the piece, and make it more interesting to look at. I chose a vintage color palette which suggests the theme of “childhood memories”.

The type on the left side of the illustration means ” The Happy Land”, which is the Chinese version of ” Paradise ” in the bubble. The text in white on the right side means ” The Young Kid ” , the black one next to it means “Dream”. The arrangement of those Chinese texts is inspired by the advertising boards in old days.

I randomly chose some childhood toys, such as a toy target and toy arrows, which was hung on the back of my door when I was a kid. Every time when I hit the target twice, I would say “double kill”. On the upper left corner, there is a white horse of merry go round. I put “Eden” on another advertising board with the horse, which suggests Disney Land in my childhood memory. The number 376 on the upper right corner was my student ID number during primary school.