Tae Chun, Glare, 2021. Digital, 8 x 3.7 Inches

“Glare” is a similar piece based on “Gaze” which I submitted for a previous assignment. It is inspired by the works of Dada artists such as Raoul Hausmann who experimented with the usage of the text in the background. My take on it was to try and push it to the foreground as a framework for the rest of my visual art piece. The meaning of Dada is to express emotion without actually holding significance within the artwork itself; it is an open-ended book for viewers to read. I tried to have a similar stance with this piece. I find myself enamored with the way artists guide the eye of the viewer with composition, as well as the way people’s or other figures’ eyes are depicted. Mine is a more literal approach to it, with eyes looking directly at the viewer with words that are “in your face”. It is a piece with a statement that can allow for multiple interpretations.